God frequently leads us into impossible situations. We are confronted with problems so big that we are shaken from our routine. In our trouble, we ask god for help. We ask for wisdom and healing, but most of all that the Lord will be with us:

Linger with me a while, O God, and

Heal my heart and strengthen my knees.

There is no other who cares for me like you!

Comfort me in this time of trouble!

Joseph and Mary simply said, “Yes,” to the call of god upon their lives. They did not understand the cosmic forces at work. It probably would have freaked them out! They simply responded in trust to God’s call. They walked the road open to them and trusted that God had gone before them.

Those who become Christ followers learn to listen to God’s voice and walk in peace. We become ambassadors for peace here, now!

Listen to what the prophet says about what god will do for those who respond with an open heart.

People with their minds set on you,

you keep completely whole*

Steady on their feet,

Because they keep at it and don’t quit.

Depend on God and keep at it because

in the Lord God you have a sure thing. (Is. 36:3-4, The Message)

Share: Share a time when God lead you to a difficult situation, and you sought the peace of God.

Encourage: Pray with someone you know going though a tough time that they would would be filled with peace.

Inventory: Do you regularly listen the voice of God? Or do you assumed he’ll lead you without you being active in the process?

*in perfect peace (NIV)


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