This “As Told by Alumni” is written by Jake Wright from Milwaukie, OR. He graduated from BBC in 2013 with his Bachelor of Arts in Preaching Ministry. He married his wife, Sarah, in the summer of 2012 and started working at Eagle Christian Church a few months later. He serves in the Young Adult Ministry at ECC.

My time at BBC shaped the ministry that I get to do now by shaping me individually. Danny Harrod taught me how to love people well. Charles Faber made me into a leader. John Whittaker imparted a greater understanding of the gospel to me. Dale Cornett gave me a love for Scripture and made me into a more gentle person. Though I never took a class from Derek Voorhees, he and Nell have been instrumental in my ministry and continue to encourage me weekly.

I’m thankful for these people and for the great community that existed during my time at BBC. The professors, staff, and students are what made my experience a great one. Guys like Tony Cole, Frank Ocampo, and Jake Vaden came alongside me from day one throughout my time at BBC. People like Joe Harper, Katie Morris, and Jakob King made for such an incredible student body. A huge amount of credit is due to Travis Jacob for creating an outstanding culture and community at BBC.

As graduation approaches, I am reminded of my time during graduation week, a week full of laughs and good memories. Graduation night was incredibly memorable with speeches from Matt Ahearn, Danika Stokes, and Travis Jacob. The night was a great finale to my time at BBC.


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