Meet the Business Manager

Mark Stevens!

Mark has been married to his  high school sweetheart, Kathy, for over 40 years! He loves to spend time with his three adult children and six grandchildren. He enjoys travel, jazz music, and the discovery of living daily in Christ. Mark worked as the Business Office Manager at BBC during 1997-2006, then he came back to BBC in 2008 to work  as the Assistant Director of Development where he has built wonderful relationships and partnerships in Oregon, now he has transitioned into the Business Office again! He leads the Business Office, Human Resources, and Information Technology departments. He has his M.Div from Emmanuel School of Religion and B.S. in Business Administration and Computer Science from Oregon State University. He spent 11 years as a business owner-manger and 2 years in Development for Emmanuel School of Religion.
More to know about Mark . . . 1930714_655201375660_1061336646211614311_n
 1. What movie or novel character do you most identify with?
– “Steve Martin. That wild and crazy guy who was able to maintain his focus and strong sense of who he was even while being famous and successful. What I also find intriguing about Steve is that it turns out that he was passionate and had a musical side that nobody knew about until he “retired” comedy and acting. I’m planning to do that . . . surprise people with what I take up in retirement.”
 2. When are you the most joyous?
– “When I get to spend quality time with my family. When I get the opportunity to see a display of God’s majesty, whether in nature or in the life of somebody I know well. When those two happen to join up, that’s the BEST. :)”
 3. What is one thing about you want in your eulogy?
– “When I’m dead and gone and people are saying things about . . Most likely they’ll be saying “It’s about time!” or “Mark Stevens, who was that guy?” Actually, I haven’t given that 10451697_832735340110346_8218079854747180113_nmuch thought. Perhaps, “He was just like his Dad”, but very few of my current crowd
knew him, so I don’t expect that occur. “
 4. What do you want to see at BBC under your leadership?
– “We have been saying for the last few years that it seems like BBC is on the verge of something incredible. We are poised for growth and to be making an even larger impact int he community and around the world. I’d like to see that happen.”
Mark is known around campus (and elsewhere) to always make you laugh and bring a smile to your face. His desire to follow the Lord and to show Christ love to people is inspiring. We are so excited for him to embark on this journey for a second time!

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